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Author: Collections Management Sub Group (CMSG)
Version: 0.4
Creation date: 2.3.2018
Review date: approx.: May 2018                                   

Saltaire Archive aims

  • To collect, preserve and make accessible records related to the history and contemporary activities relevant to Saltaire.
  • To use the Archive as a learning resource, including the production of secondary materials for all interested people.
  • To digitise archive materials to populate the website to support aims 1 and 2
  • To complement other local collections that help inform the interpretation and understanding of the heritage that gives Saltaire a place as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Archive development priorities

To fill some important gaps in the collection –

  • Records and significant objects of business, social and creative activities, including Saltaire’s international business and heritage connections.
  • Records and significant objects that illuminate the lives of workers and residents, including migrant workers, in Saltaire
  • Records and significant objects relating to all aspects of the physical heritage (land, buildings, architecture and open spaces) 

Collection limitations

Saltaire Archive will only accession records and significant objects that can be effectively stored, preserved and made accessible. Physical space and resources do not currently allow for –

  • Storage and conservation of audio-visual formats (DVDs, cassettes, CDs and slides) over and above those currently deposited, except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Digital records other than high quality work of significant relevance.
  • Museum objects will be individually appraised in relation to their unique ability to add value and significance to the current collection.
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