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New funding campaign

On April 1st the Collection is launching a new fundraising appeal. We hope that the generosity of our many friends will allow us to restore some very important items in the Collection that need tender loving care.

The Collection has a number of important original items that are damaged and need to be restored in order to preserve them for the future. We identified a small number of the most important ones and sought restoration estimates from restorers and conservators which range from ‘expensive’ to ‘reasonable’.

A costed example is an 1887 image (and the damaged frame) of Princess Beatrice and her consort Prince Henry of Battenburg, planting a memorial tree with Titus Salt Junior in 1887, thought to be at Milner Field. The cost of restoration is estimated to be £170. Other examples, with costs, are detailed in the attached leaflet.

Please can you help us raise the funds to restore one or more of these precious pieces of history?

If you can offer any help, please get in touch by emailing


The image shows one of our objects in need of conservation work: a photograph of Titus Salt Junior with Princess Beatrice and Prince Henry of Battenburg at a commenorative tree planting.

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