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The Saltaire Collection is housed in a designated room in the Learning Resource Centre for Shipley College, Exhibition Building, Exhibition Road, Saltaire.

Our location means that all Volunteers will be moving in and out of spaces where students are present, and we must ensure that we don’t breach the College’s safeguarding procedures or adversely affect any OFSTED inspection in College.

In order to do that, Volunteers need to be ‘set up’ on the College system, have a short induction covering health and safety and safeguarding young people and be provided with a College Badge. The following steps explain the process and you will be supported through them by one of our lead volunteers.

1. Complete the College ‘New Starter Form’

This is available on our website but seems strange because its main use is for College staff so for boxes asking for your ‘hours’ etc. just write in Saltaire Collection Volunteer – you don’t need to state hours, just your approximate start date. See the link to download this.

2. Send or take the ‘New Starter Form ‘back to your introductory volunteer

This will be a vetted volunteer who is the person who first contacts you when you express an interest in volunteering for work in the collection or other tasks you have an interest in. This will be forwarded to College Human Resources to ‘set you up’ on College systems and needs to be done a week before you take step 3.

3. Arrange your Induction and get your college badge and lanyard

Your first contact can do this for you   OR you can arrange for the short induction yourself – at a date and time that suits you – by contacting College reception on 01274 327395.

Please remember to take picture ID with you for your induction appointment.

If you want to come in and meet the team a few times before induction and getting a badge, the only requirement is that you call to College reception office in the Salt Building, Victoria Road, and collect a visitor’s badge for each time you visit.


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