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For schools and learners

Coming soon: Learning resources

Saltaire has many stories to tell that can help support learning in an engaging way.

A key aim of the Saltaire Collection is to support learners of all ages to gain a better understanding of Saltaire’s heritage and, through that, to create a desire to preserve it for the future.

We have previously created learning resources to support primary and secondary school students. We are currently working on brand new resources based on items in our Collection. These will be available here later in 2024.

Local heritage learning opportunities in Saltaire

Find out how studying Saltaire can be used to enhance local heritage learning. View the introductory videos from the Heritage Schools Project, produced by Historic England in co-operation with the Saltaire Collection and local schools.

Historic England Heritage Schools Project video 1

Saltaire: World Heritage Learning

View a video on Vimeo on how to use Saltaire to enhance local heritage learning and school curricula

Saltaire Students’ learning journey

View a video on Vimeo that describes the learning journey of students from a local school when they embarked on a project about Saltaire

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Visiting Saltaire

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Heritage trail

Follow our heritage trail around Saltaire to see its historic buildings  and amenities and find out more about them. A version of the trail is available for younger children 

Story of Saltaire

Learn about about the history of Saltaire from its foundation to its recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage site