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Story of Saltaire

Discover the fascinating story of Saltaire

Our Collection contains a wide range of stories about Saltaire, from the middle of the nineteenth century until today.

Find out why Sir Titus Salt chose to build a new mill and model village (with an amazing range of public buildings) away from overcrowded Bradford, and how Sir James Roberts built on those foundations.

Find out also about the mill workers, the residents of the village and their education and leisure interests.

Story of Saltaire village

C2b-181.1: Painting of Salts Mill and Saltaire 1860s

Foundation of Saltaire

Find out how and why Titus Salt built a new mill and a surrounding model village in what became Saltaire

Preserving Saltaire

Discover how James Roberts built on Titus’s foundations to develop the business and Salts Mill and sustain the village

Residents' memories

Read some personal accounts of growing up and living in the village of Saltaire

Education timeline

Travel our timeline of the provision of education in Saltaire from its foundation to the present day

Sir Titus Salt Hospital

Travel through the timeline of Saltaire’s own hospital and discover some of its gruesome history


Read about the many public buildings and amenities in Saltaire including the magnificent Salt Schools

Heritage trail

Follow our trail around Saltaire and be introduced to Salts Mill, the houses and its many public buildings and amenities

Story of Salts Mill

Owners and managers timeline

Walk along our timeline to find out the owners and key managers of Salts Mill through its long history

Mill workers' memories

Read the recollections of some of the people who worked in Salts Mill and managed the textile business

Mill timeline

Discover the history of Salts Mill by travelling along timelines of newspaper articles, census and  other local information.

History of Pace

Read the fascinating history of Pace, technological leader and a key occupant of a rejuvenated Salts Mill

Stories of people


Read brief life stories of some of the famous and not-so-famous people who built, worked in, lived in, and saved Saltaire

Personal memories

Discover personal accounts of working, living, learning, playing, and migrating to start a new life in Saltaire

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Dig deeper into Saltaire’s history by visiting the Collection (pre-booked appointments only at this time). Our page also has information on where Saltaire is located and how to get here

Heritage trail

Follow our heritage trail around the major buildings and amenities in Saltaire and discover more of the village’s history

Get involved

Volunteer your time, expertise, items or money to help the Collection preserve the story of Saltaire and tell it to the world