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How to donate objects

Help build the Collection

The Saltaire Collection has been built on generous donations of objects over the last 40 years.

If you have something that you think would help build the Collection, please read on to find out how to donate it.

What type of objects do we accept?

All donations are considered on their individual merits, guided by our collections policy. Broadly speaking, items should be related to the social, industrial and commercial heritage of Saltaire or to the personal and family histories of people associated with Saltaire.

We hope that donors appreciate our need to manage limited space and resources, so we may not be able to accept everything that is offered.

We do not usually accept:

  • Objects that represent a potential hazard, such as firearms, or objects containing asbestos, or explosive, flammable, poisonous, carcinogenic or radioactive material (e.g. old luminous watches)
  • Objects that may threaten our current collection, such as items infested with pests
  • Objects given on a long-term loan basis, rather than as an outright gift
  • Objects with excessive conditions for use
E1a-022: George Morrell's Presentation Book, page 5
E1a-022: George Morrell's Presentation Book, page 5

How to offer objects to the Collection

Please do not bring objects to the Collection or send them to us in the post without contacting us first.

You can contact us by using the form on this page (it will send us an email) or by one of the other methods shown on our contacts page.

We would find it very useful if you could provide some details about the object(s):

  • A brief description of its content (e.g. ‘Book on Titus Salt’, ‘School certificate from Salts High School’, ‘Photograph of mill workers’)
  • The approximate size and format
  • What condition it is in – good, fair or poor/damaged
  • Brief details of who owns the object

We will carefully consider your offer and get in touch to let you know our initial decision. If we accept the donation we will arrange a suitable time for you to bring the object(s) to the Collection or for you to send the items by post.

Please note that we do not give advice on items for sale or provide valuations. We cannot authenticate objects.

    Do you want to donate funds?

    If you wish to help build the Collection by supporting its activities financially, please visit our Donations page using the link below

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