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Receipts and notes (2018.9.2.2)

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Receipts, notes and ephemera relating to Isabel Salt’s purchases, disposals, auctions and household expenses. Comprises three folders re household expenses [1960-1968] and the following items:
1. A letter to his mother from Norman (19.04.1881)
2. Sales account from The Central Auction Rooms, Harrogate, re sale of tablecloths (19.03.1929)
3. Hand-written note re tablecloths (19.03.1929)
4. Sales account from Sotheby & Co. re auction sale of French screen & ? (28.03.1930)
5. [Life] Insurance policy for Miss Salt from Royal Insurance C. Ltd (24.09.1930)
6. Receipt from ‘Victor Crichton’ for the purchase of a silver muffineer (sugar shaker) and mustard pot (30.09.1930)
7. Receipt from ‘Victor Crichton’ for the purchase of a silver sauce boat (03.04.1930)
8. Receipt from Harvey Nichols for the purchase of a ‘South American Skunk’ [fur Stole] (25.01.1931)
9. Account from Solicitors, ‘G.H. Mennell of Berkley Sq. London re preparing new Will for Isabel Salt (29.09.1931)
10. Receipt from Streetory & Co. re purchase of a Cretonne fabric (15.01.1932)
11. Receipt from H.G. Church & Co. re purchase of curtains (15.02.1932)
12. Hand-written note re purchase of curtains (26.04.1932)
13. Receipt for £2 (2s from S. Hughes Bros. Rat catcher) (14.11.1933)
14. A letter from Miss Salt to Mr Hughes re failure to eliminate her rats (15.01.1934)
15. Empty envelope addressed to S. Hughes Bros. (1934)
16. Sales account from The Central Auction Rooms, Harrogate, re sale of tablecloths (03.09.1936)
17. Two hand-written notes re tablecloths (03.09.1936)
18. Part of a printed auction catalogue showing items: 120,121,122 with prices obtained (14.12.1936)
19. Sales account from Christie Manson & Woods re auction of unidentified items (14.12.1936)
20. Hand-written note re the value of C.S’s [Catherine Salt] emerald, diamond and ruby rings (1936)
21. Two items re sale of shares in John Crossley and sons for Miss Salt (09.02.1937)
22. Handwritten letter re Denys Salt from Ewart Walsh (09.04.1937)
23. Receipt from ‘The Cremation Society’ for subscription from Miss I. Salt (12.04.1937)
24. Sales account from ChriStreetie Manson & Woods for the auction of emerald ring (17.11.1937)
25. Handwritten liStreet of payments by Isabel Salt to Denys Salt, with two cheques: 15.10.1939 for £50, 18.01.1940 for £40 re his Oxford university expenses (1937)
26. Payment and receipt for Tithe Exemption Charge for ‘Springwood’ (09.06.1947)
27. 3 hand-written cards re wages, 1948-1958 [for Mabel Hutchinson; see SLTSA.IS.2.3] 28. A small printed card ‘Mr & Mrs D.P. Prince for Barbara Marshall (15.08.1953)
29. Royal Insurance Group, House Insurance receipt for Springwood, Barrow Green Road, Oxted (12.09.1966)
30. Various hand-written notes re postage stamps, undated
31. Unused Lloyds Bank cheque books, undated
32. Handwritten list of charges for Students at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, undated
33. Hand-written note re estimate for drawing-room chair covers, undated

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