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Some notable Saltaire people

A huge number of people have contributed to the story of Saltaire over more than 170 years of its existence. Our Collection contains many items that help to tell their stories. 

Below are brief biographies of a very small number of these people: the more well-known, central figures of Sirs Titus Salt and James Roberts; some members of the Salt family; and some of the hidden heroes and heroines who helped to build Salts Mill, attend to the health and education of villagers, and help preserve Saltaire and its heritage.

Founder and successor

H1-018a: Sir Titus Salt

Sir Titus Salt

A leading nineteenth century textile magnate and philanthropist, Sir Titus built Salts Mill and founded Saltaire

Sir James Roberts

From humble beginnings, Sir James rose to be Sir Titus’s greatest successor as owner of Salts Mill and Saltaire, and was another leading philanthropist

The Salt family

Titus Salt Junior

The youngest son of Sir Titus, manager of Salts Mill, Titus Junior was a progressive educationalist but died tragically young

Catherine Salt

Catherine was a committed educationalist, daughter of Halifax textiles magnate Joseph Crossley, and wife of Titus Salt Junior

Isabel Salt

Traveler and political and social campaigner, Isabel was the daughter of Titus Salt Junior and Catherine Salt

Denys Salt

A great grandson of Sir Titus, Denys was a major supporter of the Saltaire Collection and donated many important items


Medina Griffiths

A nineteenth century teacher, Medina was the progressive headmistress of Salt High School for Girls

Harriet Byles

Harriet succeeded Medina Griffiths as the headmistress of Salt High School for Girls and continued progressive education

George Morrell

George was an early teacher at the new Factory School. He served 45 years in various teaching posts and was presented with a marvelous illuminated book on his retirement

William Fry

William was a railway worker but became secretary and general manager of the Saltaire Schools for nearly 30 years

Engineer and medic

William Fairbairn

A leading mill builder and engineer of the nineteenth century, William was instrumental in building Salts Mill.

Hannah Mitchell

Hannah was the matron of Sir Titus Salt’s hospital in the early twentieth century

Saviours of Saltaire and its heritage

Dorothy Sharp

A local librarian and researcher, Dorothy played a key role in founding the Saltaire Collection and preserving the heritage of Saltaire

Clive Woods

Local bookseller and historian, Clive campaigned for the preservation of Saltaire and its World Heritage status

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