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The Saltaire Collection holds a body of historical research generously donated over many years by local historians, many of them members of Saltaire History Club.

This research includes:

  • Census data about those living in Saltaire from 1861
  • Genealogical Studies of influential people in Saltaire’s History
  • Timelines of Salts Mill’s
  • Timelines providing a chronology of events in some of Saltaire’s buildings
  • The annual Saltaire Conversazione
  • Oral Histories of  workers and residents

And MUCH more. Below are just three examples of research undertaken by Saltaire Historians.


Catherine Salt, Born Crossley (1846-1930), Pauline Ford

Migrations to work in Bradford from the 1820s to the 1970s, Maggie Smith

For details of other research, please contact

  • Saltaire History Club Via their Facebook page for information about their regular events and to make contact with local historians, Saltaire History Club
  • For research articles published by Nemine Juvante (Saltaire) publications, for example David King’s work on Sir James Roberts, please contact
  • For arrangements to visit and view research held in the collection, please contact  the Saltaire Collection on

Students from the UK and Europe have also donated research studies from time to time and Authors of published books have used the Collection for aspects of their work. Some useful books that provide background material for research are:

Balgarnie’s Salt: 2003, Rev. Robert Balgarnie, with commentary and additions by Barlo and Shaw, Nemine Juvante (Saltaire) Publications.

Salts Mill: Owners and Managers: 1853-1986, 2016, Smith & Coates, Amberley Publishing

Salt & Silver: A Story of Hope, (first published) 1997, J. Greenhalf, Salts Mill Estates Ltd.

Sir Titus Salt and Sons, A Farming Legacy, 2017, A Cattell,

Milner Field: The Lost Country House of Titus Salt Jnr, 2013,R. Lee-  Van Der Daele and R David Beale, Barleybrook Ltd.


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