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Early Artist's Impression Of Salts Mill

A considerable amount of research has been undertaken by the Saltaire Historian, Colin Coates, for a series of  timelines for Salts Mill. Colin’s, research has been drawn from the British Library, the British National Newspaper Archives; and relevant census returns for the period.

This has resulted in eight timelines, specific to Salts Mill, that are 30 or more pages in length in each case. All have been donated to the Saltaire Collection. The Collection is grateful to the British National Newspaper Archive for permission to display extracts drawn from newspaper images from 1853 and up to and including 1911.

Newspaper images © The British Library Board. All rights reserved. With thanks to The British Newspaper Archive.

Extracts of 3 pages for 4 timelines are available on links below. These are for you to assess whether having access to a full version would be useful to your personal research.

The complete copies of all  eight timelines (30+ pages each) provide much detail of events at the mill, for example, some of the international trading difficulties just 5 years after the mill opened. All the timelines provide great detail of the many dramas and events in the Mill’s history.

If you wish to study any of the full timelines for your personal use, please contact the Saltaire Collection to arrange a visit to view these and make transcriptions.

Grateful thanks are also due to Colin Coates for enabling the Saltaire Collection to show how such sources can provide real insights into the history of Salts Mill.

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