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Here you will find a selection of activities and inspiration for you to adapt to fit with the rest of your curriculum.

Select an activity below to see the ideas and resources.


Victoria Road Saltaire In Late Nineteenth Century

Sir Titus Salt and Saltaire: Discovering a UNESCO World Heritage Site

History – KS2 or Lower KS3 students

Developed in collaboration with Historic England

Archive detectives: Research skills for historians

History – Key Stage 3

Sir Titus Salt

Fake news: Using evidence in historical inquiry

History – Key Stage 3

Ideas, Political Power, Industry and Empire: Britain, 1745-1901: Paternalism

History – Key Stage 4

Bradford Mill

Changing places: Saltaire and Manningham comparative case study

Geography – A-level

Theresa Schistal In Saltaire Mill Hostel

Populations and urbanisation: What’s so good about Bradford? Migration to Bradford from 1871-2018

History and Geography – Key Stage 4

Suffrage Meeting

Challenges for Britain: Europe and the wider world 1901-present day: The campaign for for women's suffrage (Deeds or words?)

History and Citizenship – Key Stage 4

Crafting a narrative from evidence - one resource based on the Curse of Milner Field, and one based on the Suffragette movement

GCSE English Language Paper 1 Section B writing

Mayoral Visit To The Sweet Centre Restaurant

Bradford's champions: An Oracy project

Upper Key Stage 2, Lower Key Stage 3

Boat On Water With Building In Background

Gothic Heritage: using local history to inspire creative writing.

English creative writing – KS3

Women And Children In Salts Mill Winding Room Circa 1910

Salts Mill: Palace of Industry

Upper Key Stage 2, Lower Key Stage 3

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