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A charitable draw to support heritage work in Saltaire

We would like to invite you to join the “What’s in the Box” monthly draw in support of the Saltaire Collection. The Collection is run by volunteers and is entirely dependent on contributions and donations to support its’ educational activities.

The idea is simple, for five pounds a month each member purchases a number from 1- 200 and at the monthly draw held on the first Monday each month a cash prize is awarded to two lucky members.

All the money raised goes to support the work of the charity maintaining and promoting the Saltaire Collection of historical materials.

Win and learn

What makes this draw unique is that each number represents one of the 200 boxes of artefacts held in the collection. If your lucky number comes up then you also receive some interesting facts about what is in your particular box – so you can win and learn something new at the same time !


First Second Third First Second Third
January £35 £25 July £35 £25
February £35 £25 August £35 £25
March £150 £75 £50 September £150 £75 £50
April £35 £25 October £35 £25
May £35 £25 November £35 £25
June £150 £75 £50 December £150 £75 £50

How to become a member

The monthly subscription is £5 per number per month.

If you would like to enter the draw please send us your details using the form below. We will then get in touch with further details.

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