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We Remember WW1 Lance Corporal Thomas Hodson.

WE REMEMBER WW1 Lance Corporal Thomas Hodson. In 2017, the Saltaire Collection received a donation…

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Sir Titus Salt's Hospital. Attribution: Simon Cob /CC0

A ‘rum’ question

During the Great War, Sir Titus Salt’s Hospital operated as an Auxiliary War Hospital receiving…

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The Story Of Geoffery Page

A peek into Forged by Fire: A Graphic Novel

Rachel Wood is working with the Forged By Fire team, who are creating a Graphic…

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Making Postcards

Home learning activities

Starting on Monday 6 April we're adding some new fun, but educational, activities to help…

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Burling And Mending At Salts-Mill

The role of the ‘overlooker’ in Salts Mill

Have you ever wanted to know more about the individuals who worked in Salts Mill?…

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