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Leeds-Liverpool canal in the direction of Shipley
Leeds-Liverpool canal in the direction of Shipley

The Leeds & Liverpool Canal is the longest canal in Britain to be built as a single waterway. It runs 127 miles from Liverpool, through East Lancashire and the Pennines, along the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, then through Bingley and Saltaire to Leeds.

The Victorian equivalent of the motorway, along with the railway, the canal would have been an important factor in Titus Salt’s decision to build here. The land that would become Saltaire was perfectly positioned – a safe, but not excessive, distance from the pollution of Bradford and with rapid transport links to major industrial centres at Leeds and Liverpool where supplies could be bought, and products sold.

Today, the canal provides recreation and relaxation for many people. There are a number of barges frequently moored along the canal by Saltaire, with some offering cruises along the canal. In addition to Saltaire, the canal passes through other historic sites, including Liverpool’s Royal Albert Docks and Leeds City Centre Waterfront.

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