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Saltaire Primary School
Saltaire Primary School

As the population of Saltaire grew, the Factory School on Victoria Road (today the Salt Building) became inadequate for the number of children requiring an education. The local school board (chaired by Sir Titus Salt) opened the Albert Road Board Schools in 1878 to cater for 815 younger children. The original Factory School remained in use as the High School.

Children at the Albert Road schools were taught in mixed classes of around 40 children, although boys and girls were still seated in separate halves of the room, and corporal punishment was forbidden. At the time, the Shipley and Saltaire Times reported that people were doubtful whether this new approach to education would work. Shortly after their opening, the same newspaper printed a report on the schools and retracted their earlier criticism.

Today, the buildings are Saltaire Primary School, with pupils aged 5-11.

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