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Salts Mill side view
Salts Mill side view

The first building to be constructed in Saltaire, Salts Mill was designed to manufacture textiles on a truly industrial scale. Titus Salt’s intention was to incorporate all elements of the manufacturing process under one roof, rather than each taking place at a separate location as his previous mills in Bradford required. Employing around 4000 workers, the Mill was the very heart of Saltaire.

Part of Salt’s motivation to build Saltaire was his concern over the pollution and living conditions in Bradford. To prevent Saltaire suffering the same issues, each of the chimneys was fitted with an early device to remove pollutants from smoke.

The Mill changed hands many times over the years. Following the collapse of the textile industry in West Yorkshire, processes were gradually moved out of the Salts Mill building. In 1985, the last processes were relocated, and the empty mill put up for sale.

In 1987, Jonathan Silver purchased the Mill and refurbished it into the building we see today. Rather than a single manufacturing centre, the Mill is a cultural hub of Saltaire with shops, an art gallery and restaurant.

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