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Online exhibition: Turning wool into cloth

B1-032/3/11: Hank winding

Visit our new online exhibition based on a booklet and photographs from Salts Mill.

Making finished cloth from raw wool is complicated. It involves many different processes to take rough, knotted, dirty wool and eventually produce smooth, woven, finished cloth.

In the new industrial mills of the nineteenth century these processes often occurred at different sites. But Salts Mill was built as a ‘vertical’ mill where all processes took place.

In the mid twentieth century Salts (Saltaire) Limited, the owners of Salts Mill at the time, produced a small booklet that describes the different processes at the mill. Our exhibition features the booklet, its descriptions and matching photographs from our wonderful Bowtell Collection.

Visit our exhibition to find out about sorting, scouring, carding, combing, drawing, spinning, twisting, winding, warping, weaving, burling, dyeing, and finishing.