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The history of Pace

PACE SR 640 satellite receiver. Image credit: Pace Micro Technology and successors

Salts Mill was reborn from the late 1980s onwards as a centre for innovative industrial, recreational and cultural businesses. The story of this renaissance would not be complete without an account of PACE Micro Technology Limited, one of the earliest, and largest, tenants of the mill.

PACE Micro Technology was a British company at the forefront of the digital revolution from the 1980s onwards. It was a leading manufacturer of the technology that gave people access to a whole new range of digital services, including modems and set top boxes.

The Saltaire Collection are delighted that the three founding directors of PACE Micro Technology have worked with Mike Farren to record their significance in this digital revolution. As early tenants in the renewed Salts Mill, their story is fascinating and their success brought much employment to the area.