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Donate with JustGiving

You can support the Saltaire Collection by making a donation using the ‘JustGiving’ page of the Saltaire World Heritage Education Association. You can make a one-off donation or choose to provide an amount each month. Even a small amount can make a big difference to our work.

Become a member of our monthly draw: What’s in the box

Archive Box

As a draw member,  you will receive a digital copy of a small item from the collection and its history every month of membership and, if your box number is drawn, a small cash prize.

More details on the draw and how to become a member are available here.

What’s in the box

Whatever option you choose, your gift or draw membership is critical to our work in helping to preserve Saltaire’s heritage and to support learners interested in studying it.

Donating objects

If you came to this page because you have an item that you may want to donate to the Saltaire Collection, then please contact us.

Please do not bring objects to the Collection or send them to us in the post without contacting us first.

All donations are considered on their individual merits, guided by our collections policy. Broadly speaking, items should be related to the social, industrial and commercial heritage of Saltaire or to the personal and family histories of key people associated with Saltaire.

We cannot accept: hazardous objects (such as firearms, or objects containing asbestos, or explosive, flammable, poisonous, carcinogenic or radioactive material, or may be infested with pests); objects given on a long-term loan basis, rather as an outright gift; objects with excessive restrictions on their use.

After you contact us we will carefully consider your offer and get in touch to let you know our decision. If we accept the donation we will arrange a suitable time for you to bring the object(s) to the Collection or, if necessary, for you to send the items by post.

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