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Sir Titus Salt Hospital in the late 19th century

Sir Titus Salt's Hospital and almshouses

Sir Titus Salt’s Hospital was opened in September 1868 and provided crucial medical help many decades before the foundation of the National Health Service. Sir Titus Salt’s provision of social support also included the building of almshouses for people fallen on hard times.

Extensive research is being done on the history of the hospital and almshouses, and the first installment is available as an interactive timeline.

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Artists impression of Salts Mill circa 1860

Salt's Mill timelines

The Saltaire Historian, Colin Coates, has undertaken a considerable amount of research for a series of timelines for Salts Mill. Colin’s research has been drawn from the British Library, the British National Newspaper Archives; and relevant census returns for the period.

You can read more about getting access to the timelines, and download excerpts of four timelines as PDFs,

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